Building a Role Playing World

The Arbor is a groundbreaking blockchain-based Role Playing World designed for everyone to play, work, and live in.

Join the community of founders of a new world. Gain the power to shape the universe’s economy and story that blends the line between reality and dark, mature fiction.

Come aboard. We've already started.

Donors and Pioneers

Your journey starts with a conversation in the SEDNA clinic when you generously sign up as an organ donor. The leading researcher of the institute – Dr. Raymond Kay – conducts the interview, determining your capabilities to enter the organ research program. After the talk, you receive a certificate confirming that you fit one of SEDNA's archetypes. The meaning of your archetype remains a mystery.

Dr. Kay is still available at sednaorganic.xyz.

A New Beginning

A week later, you uncover the story behind your archetype. It changes a lot with every choice you make, but one thing is definite. You are no longer an organ donor.

The truth about your archetype lies here: wevalueyourinterior.xyz.


The Arbor is a Multiplayer Action RPG, which combines adventurers and crafters into a single, competitive ecosystem, set out in a dark, open world. With a team of seasoned game developers from CD Projekt and Flying Wild Hog, our game merges high-quality graphics and immersive storytelling that blends the line between reality and dark, mature fiction

Step into The Arbor, a hostile world between time and space, pick up essential skills, and fight for survival. For this elaborate universe, we're building a player-driven economy, where players own assets, run businesses, take up jobs, and interact with a robust financial system.



At The Arbor, we are creating a dynamic array of gameplay experiences, tailored to various player aspirations. The first path opens up an immersive journey of personal progression. Develop your character, enhance their powers, and navigate through our compelling narratives. Be the hero of your own story in a world teeming with mystery, intrigue, and adventure.

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, The Arbor will offer a second path of gameplay, centered around investment and commerce. You can establish your business within our rich, player-driven economy. Be it crafting rare items, providing sought-after services, or harvesting valuable materials, the game serves as a bustling marketplace, ripe with opportunities for growth and profit.

Our third gameplay offering is the exhilarating endgame, a stage set for the crème de la crème of players. Here, you can partake in intense PvP and PvE battles, vying for top-tier rewards. This level of gameplay calls for exceptional skill, strategic sponsorships, and the backing of investors. Dare to compete in this grand stage of skill and strategy.

At The Arbor, we believe in player agency. Each of these gameplay styles can be mixed, matched, and balanced according to your preferences. Maybe today you're a hero, tomorrow an investor, and the next, a competitor. Or perhaps, you'll wear all three hats at once. Here, your journey is truly in your hands. Welcome to a world where your choices craft your experience.



In the dark world of The Arbor, the spectrum of gameplay opportunities spans far and wide - adventuring, trading, crafting, and crucially, employment. As a business owner in our virtual economy, you can leverage the skills and time of fellow players by offering them employment. Whether you need assistance with repetitive tasks or specialized duties requiring specific skill sets, the diverse player base can cater to your needs.

Employment is not merely an add-on to our game but a fundamental mechanic intricately woven into the fabric of the game. Certain quests and endgame objectives demand collaboration and teamwork, making it necessary for players to hire and be hired. This design fosters a vibrant, cooperative community, promoting interdependence and mutual growth.

But it's not all about the business owners - players seeking employment will find a host of opportunities, contingent upon their unique skills and qualifications. In a dynamic marketplace governed by the laws of supply and demand, players with rare and unique abilities will always be sought after. Thus, sharpen your skills, enhance your desirability, and make a name for yourself in our robust, player-driven economy. The world of The Arbor rewards those who dare to stand out.


Role Playing

At The Arbor, we're committed to developing an RPG that places major emphasis on Role Playing. It's the heart and soul of our game. We believe in the magic of storytelling and the power of character development.

Role Playing is pivotal as it allows you to live out an alternate reality in the world we are creating. Your choices, interactions, and growth all contribute to your unique narrative. This rich immersion is at the core of our vision.

Our dedication to Role Playing goes beyond captivating narratives - it's woven into the very mechanics of The Arbor. Whether you aspire to chase bounties, offer services or own a bustling tavern, our game supports a multitude of roles, each promising a unique journey.



In the realm of The Arbor, avatars are not merely digital embodiments of players, they are unique gateways to a rich and diverse universe. Players have the opportunity to own an array of avatars, each providing an exclusive set of benefits. This includes special privileges such as accessing unique game zones, unlocking specific skills, and wielding extraordinary items that enhance your gaming experience.

The beauty of our avatar system lies in its adaptability. Players can effortlessly swap between their avatars based on the demands of their journey and strategy. While some avatars can be secured through transactions, others serve as prestigious badges of honor, achievable only through gameplay milestones. With each avatar, discover a new lens to view and interact with our dynamic world.



At the heart of The Arbor's gameplay lies a vibrant, player-driven economy. Central to this economic system is a universal currency, facilitating all forms of trade and commerce. This currency ties together our various game mechanics, fostering a bustling in-game economy.

Within our world, players can own, manage, and trade a plethora of assets via our marketplace, designed to facilitate seamless trading between players. From tiny trinkets to grand properties, every asset has a place in our vibrant digital market.

Businesses are the backbone of our economic system. Players can create and manage various types of businesses, offering products and services that fuel The Arbor's economy.


Game World

Welcome to the Arbor, an enigmatic realm situated beyond the constructs of time and space. A world meticulously constructed by an ancient civilization billions of years ago, only to be usurped by humans a mere four centuries prior. In doing so, they acquired an unprecedented prowess over the fabric of reality, yet, their dominance was transient. The lurking dangers deep within the Arbor awakened and started to push the humans out of power.

The Arbor is a dark and tainted world, menacing to both the human body and mind. Many can succumb to this dreadful environment, morphing into monstrous beings ultimately consumed by The Arbor itself. The key to survival lies in unity, collective work, and bringing light into the Arbor to safeguard settlements from looming threats.


Digital Assets (NFTs)

At The Arbor, we're leveraging NFTs to redefine in-game asset ownership. From avatars, items, materials, and skills to lands and buildings - all these assets are NFTs. They are not just tradable, they are your possessions, stored securely in your own wallet.

Each NFT in our game world will have an element of scarcity, often born out of a cost associated with its creation or acquisition. This scarcity, coupled with a demand that often outpaces supply, leads to value creation. But it's not just about rarity, it's about utility.

Every NFT you own in The Arbor serves a purpose - it may aid in gameplay, help produce other items, or simply serve as a testament to your achievements. As you acquire more assets, your influence expands, allowing you to become a key player in our evolving digital world.



We're actively pushing the boundaries of storytelling in gaming, aiming for a level of immersion so profound, it blurs the lines between the digital and the real. Our characters and narratives are intricately crafted to feel almost indistinguishable from reality.

Our commitment to immersive storytelling is not just a goal, but a proven track record. We've successfully shipped two ARGs and even created an artificial organ research facility to deliver complete immersion in our narratives. These are not just stories - they are living, breathing realities.

As we march ahead, we're assembling an elite team of storytellers, dedicated to crafting experiences that you won't just play, but live. With us, you're not just a player, you're a participant in a grand, unforgettable narrative. Stay tuned for the journey of a lifetime.

Q3 2023